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Typography, branding & identity design, colour selection, UI & UX design, project management from concept to production, animation design, concept development.

Silver @ Best Design Awards
Distinction @ AGDA (Identity)
Merit @ AGDA (Digital)
Patta is a prototype that I designed from concept to delivery which allows users to organise day–long visits from animals of their local shelter. As the day comes to an end, users are presented with the opportunity to adopt their new friend or alternatively organise a pick–up from Patta staff.

Patta aims to combat the effects of social isolation as rates of anxiety and depression continue to soar due to a lack of physical and emotional connection. By utilising the wonders of animal–assisted therapy, Patta hopes to make Australians happier while also helping more pets find their forever home. To view the full project on Behance; click below or here.