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Think Fresh

Working in a team, colour selection, market research, audience research, concept development, project management, typography, mockup creation.

Team: Amanda Fung, Yllianna Maneze & Jack Forrest. 
During our time as Creative Accelerator Interns at Publicis Groupe, my team and I were challenged to solve a brief from Mars Wrigley and Eclipse mints “to build the coffee & mint occasion in Australia alongside the brand purpose of connections.”

To tackle this, we tried to uncover what connections needed a refresh and in doing so, found a common problem. During COVID-19, we were isolated behind closed doors and with little to talk about, resorted to boring, repetitive small-talk. Ultimately, this cost us our confidence in real world, face-to-face conversation and now with restrictions having eased, none of this is more apparent than at our coffee catchups.

The solution? ‘Think Fresh.’ Our mission is to rescue friendships by fighting the staleness of boring, repetitive talk through fresh thinking. We will encourage people to have more interesting coffee-catch ups by championing honest, genuine conversation and positioning Eclipse as the hero of fresher and more vibrant friendships.