Adobe Create Forward Campaign

Client: Adobe US
Year: 2022

Following the COVID pandemic, Adobe ran an Instagram campaign encouraging support within the creative community. Designers, artists and illustrators were asked to create a piece inspired by someone they admire, and in doing so passed the baton on for them to nominate an artist of their own.

After being nominated by the talented Mark Conlan, I was delighted to nominated Jiaqi Wang whose illustrations are a big inspiration of mine. Her work is a collection of beautiful compositions that are bursting with colourful energy while still being immaculately detailed and refined.

Inspired by her energetic illustrations and the growth that comes from collaboration, I created this illustration in Adobe Illustrator with the pen tool and plenty of shape builder action.

  1. Adobe Document Cloud

  2. Great Rental Search Party

  3. Adobe 'Create What's True to You'

  4. Soho House